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  • 【SPECIALLY DESIGN FOR BALD HEAD SHAVE】 This head shaver is designed for hair under 3-5mm/0.12-0.2inch (Lengths of 3-5 days natural growth), it also can shave your face at the same time
  • 【COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE】 0.08MM Ultra Slim Shaver Foil & Acute Angle Design, it will not JAM or PULL your hair, Totally rash-free and allergic-free, Experience no nicks, cuts or burns
  • 【INTELLIGENT MIRCO POWER CHIP】 This shaver will make sure the motor keep a high RPM despise the battery level, you will have a smooth shave even when the battery is low
  • 【ERGONOMIC SHAPE】 Detachable Blade, Whole Body Waterproof, Convenient to Use and Clean
  • 【PLUG AND SHAVE】 When the battery run out, you can simply plug in AC plug and continue your shave, no time is wasted


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